Cakes by Beth - 49er Alumni Owned Business

Cakes by Beth - 49er Alumni Owned Business

A diaper what? We spoke with UNC Charlotte Alumni Beth Durante to find out more about how she has put her own unique and creative touch on baby UNC Charlotte 49ers - Cakes by Bethshowers with her extraordinary diaper cakes.  Beth is a 1999 graduate of UNC Charlotte with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.  By trade Beth is a Substance Abuse Counsellor and like most she has dealt with her fair share of adversity during Covid.  During a “shitty” time Durante found an outlet to express her creativity and grow her business by creating diaper masterpieces that are not only the perfect center piece for your next baby shower, but also an extremely useful gift for the expecting mother.

It all started in 2018 when her granddaughter was born, and Beth posed this question to herself. “What is the center piece going to be for our daughter’s baby shower?”  Through some Etsy searching and brainstorming, Beth found her answer. Diaper Cakes. Just like that, Cakes By Beth was born and for three years Durante has been crafting and creating uniquely themed cakes out of Pamper Swaddlers diapers.

What is a diaper cake?

UNC Charlotte 49ers - Cakes by Beth

A diaper cake is just like it sounds.  A cake made of diapers, but don’t be confused by Beth’s incredible “baking” abilities… It is not edible.  However, it is practical, useable, and tailored to the theme of your choosing.  Having made over 100 diaper cakes, Beth’s creativity explodes from the cakes she creates.  Adding themed onesies, stuffed animals, bibs, pacifiers, rattlers, etc. she has the ability to create a masterpiece that touches on all aspects needed for a newborn.  Each cake has about 58 diapers that is 2 to 3 layers deep and about 10-14 inches in diameter. Of course, Beth can tailor the cake to your needs and interests. The only thing better than the diaper cakes she creates is the customer experience she provides.

Since Beth is a one Woman show she is able to create an experience for the customer that is unmatched. In the past Durante has adjusted themes, the child’s name, and the number of diapers the cake holds after the order and before completion.  Beth wants her customer experience to be special, unique, and cooperative because she understands what it is like to be a mother and grandmother to be. Beth Durante gives you a realistic timeframe of completion and sends picture updates to ensure customer satisfaction.  She knows that your requests may change, and she is here to make the center piece of your baby shower extraordinary. Beth won’t say “no” to additional requests to make the center piece of your baby shower better than what you dreamed.

We asked Beth what she would like the UNC Charlotte Community to know about her and her business.  What she wants you to know is that her Charlotte UNC Charlotte 49ers - Cakes by Beth49er roots run deep.  She is an alumni and Legacy Mother of two current students. Colin Holland, a Senior Business Major, and Skylar Holland, a Junior Psychology Major. She wants fellow Forty-Niners to know that she recognizes how supportive the UNCC community has been and wants to pay that forward.  She wants to be involved and make the upcoming chapter of your life unforgettable. So let her know you are an alumnus because alumni get $49 diaper cakes!

If you have an upcoming baby shower or know someone who does give Beth Durante ’99 and Cakes by Beth a shout.  We know you won’t regret the experience and the product she provides.  Her contact information is below:

Instagram: @cakesby_beth

UNC Charlotte 49ers - Cakes by Beth

Facebook: @BethsDiaperCakes


Phone: (980) 395-7062


Do good things, Go Niners!

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