About Us

Norm's Closet was founded for Forty-Niners by Forty-Niners, to help students, alumni and fans access a variety of 49er merchandise in a centralized location.  We strive to provide unique Forty-Niner gear through an easy to navigate website. 

Our Start

Norm's Closet got started for two reasons.  The love for the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and a desire to give back to the Forty-Niner community in a unique way.  We were created to fix the a need for a centralized portal that provides access to unique and vintage Charlotte 49ers gear from all decades at a price that won't destroy your bank.  Like UNC Charlotte's history, the apparel on our website is rich, unique and tells a story. Norm's Closet realized that the different designs, emblems and logos that appeared on the University's buildings and merchandise told that story and wanted to share that legacy with fellow Forty-Niners.  Norm's Closet is how we strive to help the University's story be know. As we continue to build our collection and brand, we strive to uphold specific promises to our customers and the Forty-Niner community that are highlight below in our mission and vision statement.

Mission Statement

Norm’s Closet strives to provide a platform for UNC Charlotte students, alumnus and fans to discover and purchase high quality, unique Forty-Niner apparel, memorabilia, and experiences at a fair price.



Cash for Your Old 49ers Gear:

Do you have old UNC Charlotte clothes or memorabilia you're looking to get rid of?  We will buy them from you for cash or store credit.  Contact us at info@normscloset.com with pictures and information about the clothes you want to sell and we will make you an offer.