CAP Insurance Group - 49er Owned Business

CAP Insurance Group - 49er Owned Business


Cap Insurance Group - Forty-Niner Owned Business

“Not all insurance agents are created equal. At CAP Insurance Group, we go out of our way to treat our clients like people and we use our industry experience and diversified knowledge base to protect what you value most in business and in life.”  
-Sam Dexter: Class of 2016; Business Management

CAP Insurance Team Photo

Not many people like talking about insurance, but most know the importance and value of protecting who and what you love.  At CAP Insurance Group a family of Forty-Niners have been helping their clients make smart, educated decisions to protect themselves from the unexpected and plan for the predictable.  Having served thousand of clients in the Greater Charlotte area the Dexter family and CAP Insurance group are truly delivering the Gold Standard in their respective fields of personal and business insurances.  In the midst of a pandemic, CAP Insurance has been able to grow exponentially.  Over the last 2.5 years, CAP Insurance grew their team from 4 to 12 members and in 2020 they moved to a new office that offers them the ample space to continue to grow and provide their clients with continuous high-level service and guidance. 

We at Norm's Closet are current and future clients.  As a client of CAP Insurance, we can promise that Pardon, Sam and Luke Dexter will be able to provide you with the information, guidance and help you will need to get the proper coverage for your household or business.  Their customer service is above others in their industry.  The guidance that the Dexter's and CAP Insurance group was easy to understand and genuine. 


The Forty-Niners

Pardon Dexter - Class of 1986; Accounting

Pardon Dexter - Forty-Niner Alumni

Sam Dexter - Class of 2016; Business Management

Sam Dexter - Forty-Niner Alumni

Luke Dexter - Class of 2018; Business Management

Luke Dexter - Forty-Niner Alumni

Ryan Friddle - Class of 2017; Finance

Ryan Friddle - Forty-Niner Alumni

Ben Grobe - UNC Charlotte Football Video Coordinator 2013-2019

Ben Grobe - Forty-Niner

As you can see CAP Insurance has Green and Gold blood running through company.  Generational experience and great education is their recipe for success.  If you you’re looking for personal or business insurance planning, reach out to one of the Forty-Niners above.  You can also head to their website to explore more of their services and team. 

Contact information:

Phone:  704-540-4200




Do good things, go Niners!

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