CLT Rent - 49er Owned Business

CLT Rent - 49er Owned Business

CLT Rent UNC Charlotte 49er alumni owned business

Looking for off campus housing, but still want the convenience of walking to your classes on campus?  Look no further, we’ve found it for you.  Meet CLT Rent.  They are a UNC Charlotte alumni owned and operated business that has tailored the off campus living experience for UNCC students. Their properties have beautiful common areas, great yards and a list of amenities that will make your college life a breeze.  The best part of CLT Rent is the affordable rent. If you don't believe us find out for yourself!


We spoke with property manager Casandra Black about CLT Rent and how they have been able to create a model that provides an ease and convenience. One thing Casandra wanted to share is that since CLT Rent is owned and operated by 49er Alumni so they understand what it is like to live both on and off campus.  Through those experiences they can properly provide the appropriate amenities that make your life easier.   Check out the list of some below:

  • Lawn care
    CLT Rent UNC Charlotte 49ers alumni owned business
  • Maid services for common areas
  • Trash collection
  • Bundle Utilities
  • Include a Hulu live subscription
  • No parking fees
  • Resident events
  • Roommate matching services
  • Furnished common areas
  • Furniture rentals

They understand that the transition to off campus living can be stressful and confusing.  That is why CLT Rent takes the stress out of searching for roommates and places to live by providing a number of rooms at multiple locations for a price that won't break your bank.  CLT Rent has found unique ways to help students while they rent during college.  Some of these ways are furnished living spaces, individual leases, and the ability to build credit while you pay rent. As landlords for students, they focus on providing safe living environments with the ability to interact with your fellow Forty-Niners. Through Roommate Matching, CLT Rent will be able to pair you with roommates that have common interests to remove the stress of roommate issues. 

UNC Charlotte 49er Alumni owned business

Since CLT Rent is owned and operated by past 49er students, they know what makes life easier for 49er students.  With CLT Rent you will have landlords that have literally been in your shoes.  With fully furnished properties and monthly maid service, they strive to provide a maintenance free living experience at a reasonable cost it's easy to see they understand the UNC Charlotte student experience.  Not to mention the money saved on housing and parking will afford you a few extra nights out.  Don't miss your chance to take advantage of your student living experience and head over to to get started now.

If you’re interested in living off of UNC Charlotte’s campus and looking to do it the right way then check out CLT Rent.  The best way to get started would be through their chatbot website or contact Casandra Black.  Stay up to date on with what they are doing via Instagram.


Instagram: @clt_rent


Office: (704) 565-9989

Cell: (828) 381-7927 

Casandra Black UNC Charlotte Alumni from CLT Rent

Do good things, go Niners!


CLT Rent interior
CLT Rent Interior
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