Franks Finds - 49er Owned Business

Franks Finds - 49er Owned Business

Looking for high quality clothing for a great price?  Stop looking and start shopping at Frank’s Finds.  A Forty-Niner owned e-commerce business that specializes in vintage tees, golf polos, and more.  We sat down with alumni owner Frank Hightower ’20 to learn a little more about how Frank’s Finds got it start and where it is going.

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Franks Finds was created purely by coincidence after he posted one of his Goodwill hauls to his snapchat story and from there people were asking him if

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he was selling any of his clothes. Frank mentioned he had never thought about reselling his “finds” until few months passed, and Frank found he was short on cash for a spring break trip to Colorado. He decided to put some merchandise on his Snapchat story to see if people were interested in buying. Frank sold out in less than 24 hours and spent that entire spring break thrifting clothes to supply his brand-new business venture! Little did he know that a spring break would turn into Frank’s Finds launching their first website, today.

Charlotte 49ers

Since starting his business in March of 2019, Frank has found some of favorite merchandise to resell include: Vintage Carolina Panthers Puffer Jackets, Peter Millar Quail Hollow Polos and Vintage Austin Powers Gold member Promo Tee.  As a customer of Franks Find we can assure that the quality is as high as the twelfth floor of Atkins. We enjoy the tie-dyed Charlotte merchandise and the polos!  As Frank continues to build his business you can expect Franks Find to make a transition from selling exclusively on Instagram to purchasing his merchandise on a centralized website:

As a Charlotte 49er alumni Frank wants the Charlotte Community to know that he loves and wants to thank all of the Charlotte 49ers that have supported his and his business in the past, and look forward to those of you who choose to shop with Frank in the future! Frank’s Finds will continue to deliver the broadest selection of items along with the best prices in the online shopping industry.

Outside of e-commerce and growing his business Frank is a personal trainer at

Charlotte 49ers Alumni Frank Hightower

Functional Training Studio, a gym in Concord, NC! Look him up on Google or Instagram, @frank_hightower if you’re interested in his services.


If you're interested in finding out what Frank has been findings follow below:

 Instagram:     @franks_finds




Do good things, Roll Niners!

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