Huie WoodCraft

Huie WoodCraft

Tis’ the season of giving and whether it is a gift for a loved one or yourself, stop looking. We’re spotlighting a Forty-Niner owned business that has the perfectHuie WoodCraft gift for everyone, the final touch to your Christmas Tree or the last decoration the living room needs.  Regardless of what you're looking for, if it is in the Woodwork department than the Huie's are who you need to see. Huie WoodCraft started in 2016 as a DIY woodcraft project when Charlotte alumni Natalie Huie ’14 and her husband decided to decorate the interior of their home.  Fast forward a few years and their project has turned into a side hustle that allows them to express their creativity and offer customers custom woodcraft décor.

Huie WoodCraft

As a Charlotte 49er, Natalie Hue loves when she has the opportunity to create UNC Charlotte pieces for customers.  She finds it as a creative way she can express and spread the good word that is the Charlotte Forty-Niners.  You technically could call it a specialty, as they have made over 249 Charlotte 49er Christmas Ornaments.  (PSA:  This was Norm’s first Christmas present of the year to Momma Norm).  Norm approved.  However, outside of the Forty-Niner designs, Huie Woodcraft has made extraordinary Queen City, North Carolina, and USA themed designs that are showcased on their Instagram.  Whether you are looking for something to hang on the wall, tree or shelf, Huie WoodCraft can turn your idea into reality.   The best way to contact Huie Woodcraft for a quote or piece of artwork would be through IG: @huiewoodcraft where you can converse, submit orders and purchase items!

We asked Natalie what role UNC Charlotte has played in her entrepreneurialHuie WoodCraftendeavors.  She mentioned that being involved and engaging with outstanding alumni motivated her to being creating.  Now a few years down the road Huie finds inspiration to try new and creative pieces to provide the best to her clients.  Natalie Huie ’16 wants the UNC Charlotte community to know that they truly enjoy what they do.  Each individual piece is hand painted and specific to the customer’s desire and ideas.  Don’t worry if you do not see something on Instagram that you are look for, as they are always looking to innovate and create!


To contact Huie WoodCraft follow the links below:

Instagram:  @huiewoodcraft

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Huie WoodCraftHuie WoodCraftHuie WoodCraft

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