Summit Seltzer - 49er Alumni Owned Business

Summit Seltzer - 49er Alumni Owned Business

You have probably heard of a seltzer, but have you ever heard of a Seltzery?Charlotte 49er Alumni owned businessThere aren’t very many.  Actually, there is only one on the East Coast and the founder is UNC Charlotte MBA alumni Kristin Cagney ’19.  Summit Seltzer offers a plethora of refreshing alcoholic seltzer drinks, seltzer cocktails and local beers to ensure every one that walks through the doors is satisfied. If drinking and relaxing doesn’t keep you busy, than pick up some board games or call next on the foosball table. The idea comes from Kristin’s love of outdoors and the idea of "Seltz & Wellness".  Since, seltzers are low carb, low calorie and gluten free it fits well with an active lifestyle. Recently, we sat down with Kristin at Summit to ask her a few questions about her journey opening the Queen City’s first Seltzery and where the idea came from.

So, where did the idea of a seltzery come from?  Working in breweries for years Kristin loved the comradery of the craft beverage industry. As seltzers beganCharlotte 49er Alumni Owned Businessgrowing in popularity and the rise in the craft beverage scene in Charlotte , Kristin floated the idea to a few of her friends as a half hearted joke.  The idea seemed to catch some attention and shortly after her and an MBA buddy started working on a business plan.

The plan is working and Summit has a recipe brewing for success.  Great drinks, a beautiful venue and a budding neighborhood it would make any day, afternoon or night one to remember.  Enjoy Krisitn’s favorite, Toast to Charlotte, which is a blueberry raspberry acai seltzer. Not only is it a delicious and refreshing beverage, it has a backstory that ties her old friends to Kristin’s new city.

“The acai mixed with the berries gives it almost a chocolate tootsie roll flavor. It's my favorite flavor, but also named after one of my best friends, Charlotte, who loved to give shameless toasts to herself and passed away last summer. Although I chose that name as well because it's perfect to represent our city as well."

-Kristin Cagney

Charlotte 49er Alumni Owned Business

As most entrepreneurs will tell you owning your own business is stressful, but is often the most rewarding. Kristin’s journey with Summit Seltzer has been nothing short of that and she finds dedication, communication and transparency are everything. As she continues her path with Summit she reminds herself that positivity is key and if ideas or events fail- it's ok and you’ve got keep trying and something with stick.  As a pioneer in not only Charlotte’s, but also the East Coast’s Seltzer Scene Kristin hopes to grow within the Charlotte community.  She has goals to push distribution into the surrounding area.  As the East Coast’s first and only Seltzery she finds there could be tremendous opportunity ahead.

We asked how did Charlotte and the University play a role in your journey?

“My parents moved to Cornelius, and when I came to visit I fell in love with North Carolina and Charlotte. I tried to move back to Denver, CO a few times because that had always been ‘home’ for me. Ultimately, I fell so in love with Charlotte that I couldn't leave and officially made it home. My MBA journey at UNC Charlotte was incredible! To be close to not only my Forty-Niner family, but also my family helped made the decision to open Summit here easy.“
- Kristin Cagney
Charlotte 49er Alumni owned Business

As Summit grows, Kristing looks to stay tied to the University.  It was while she was attending Charlotte that she wrote her business plan and she remains extremely close with the UNCC community. Look forward to some upcomingPuppyevents like Reunion Zero and Charlotte 49er watch parties. Follow Summit on Instagram as they have weekly workouts and meet ups for active drinks and active lifestyles. They also have a great space for networking events if anyone is ever looking for places!



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