Village Juice Co. - 49er Owned Business

Village Juice Co. - 49er Owned Business

Looking for food that is Mother Earth-approved?  Look no further than Optimist Hall, just off the Blue Line Parkwood stop.  Village Juice Co. is a clean food and lifestyle company that has a mission to make healthy, delicious food accessible nationwide.  Forty-Niner alumni, Joey Cohen and his wife Brittany, did just that when they opened the first Charlotte location of Village Juice Co in 2018. Offering delicious menu items and seasonal releases, Village Juice Co. is an easy place to get brain food while you work, study or relax.

What is clean food?

The basis of Village Juice Co. is having a menu of food items that only containswhole ingredients.  This means there are no foreign ingredients like artificial fillers, chemicals or substances that can take the body longer to process and work harder to break down your food properly. Do not confuse healthy and with lack of taste.  A unique way Cohen and Village Juice Co. can provide healthy foods that also tastes great is dates.  Known for many benefits like brain health and body detoxification, dates are used throughout their menu to make the menu sweet.

Joey Cohen was proud to share that everything, from the proteins to the produce, are locally sourced from Joyce Farms in Winston-Salem, NC. This reduces the time from harvest to belly and increases the freshness and taste.  It is evident that the process works because the menu speaks for itself.  A personal favorite is the acai smoothie bowl, but Joey says, “you can’t go wrong with the cold stuff,” talking about the smoothies, of course.

How did UNCC play a role in your path?

At UNC Charlotte Joey was apart of the Motorsports Engineering Program and

applied what he learned in the classroom to his 15-year career in NASCAR and motorsports and success as an entrepreneur. What he learned out of the

classroom he applied to continuous involvement for the betterment of the University. Joey has found success through being involved in the UNCC community.  Seriously, he has built an impressive collection of Forty-Niner memorabilia.

Contact info: 

1115 N Brevard St Unit 9, Charlotte, NC 28206



Do good things, go Niners!

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